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Precision chemistry for a
World without rubber waste

ARP offers a solution for a waste problem

Tyres going to waste is a massive loss of valuable natural and fossil materials and their incineration results in serious CO₂ emissions. ARP technology enables the rebirth of rubber as strong and efficient as virgin natural rubber and facilitates up to 500% drop in the carbon footprint of rubber. This recycling breakthrough unlocks the entire value of tyre rubber waste and renders an infinite circularity. 


The best reinforcing filler for rubber yet produced from end-of-life tyres.

Carbon Footprint

Actifine can save colossal amounts of CO₂. Read our analysis and find out how.


The philosophy behind our mission to perfect circularity in tyres.

Cut your dependence on natural rubber, save tropical forests

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Looking for a carbon-negative, resource-independent rubber lifecycle? Let’s find out how we can help.

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