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Actifine®: achieving sustainability without compromising the wear performance of rubbers.

You might think that adding recycled material would jeopardise the abrasion resistance of your rubber products. Well, think again. Actifine® has no negative impact on the abrasion loss.

Because we chemically treated the surfaces of every Actifine® particle unlike conventional rubber powders in the market that have no functionality. This feature enhances the bonding between the rubber powder and the rubber matrix, forming a more cohesive and wear-resistant material.

Extensive testing has revealed that the abrasion loss of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) composites containing Actifine® is on par with pure reference SBR without any rubber particle additive. Furthermore, it surpasses the abrasion resistance of SBR filled with unfunctionalized rubber powders.

This means that you can increase the sustainable content in your rubber compounds without sacrificing wear performance. In practical terms, this translates to products that last longer, such as tyres that experience reduced wear and, consequently, a longer lifespan.

In an era where sustainability is a global imperative, Actifine® paves the way for manufacturers to make substantial strides towards greener and more durable rubber-based products. It's a win-win situation – less environmental impact and longer-lasting, higher-quality goods.

Learn more about this innovation and its positive impact on our industry. We encourage you to connect with us, visit our website, or contact us directly:

Let's discuss how Actifine® can transform your rubber products for the better as a valuable add-on to the portfolio of reinforcements.


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