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Actifine® for Optimised Performance/Cost in Neoprene Applications

Actifine® functionalised rubber powder, a high-performance ingredient produced from end-of-life tyres, can improve the mechanical properties of neoprene while reducing raw materials costs.

Neoprene rubber, also known as polychloroprene, is a synthetic rubber renowned for its mechanical toughness, resistance to chemicals, oil, heat, ozone and weathering, and non-flammable properties. Its applications span a wide range, including cables, industrial belts, hoses, automotive components, and many other technical rubber goods. However, neoprene is one of the most expensive rubbers on the market, which makes it a challenge for manufacturers to balance performance and profitability.

Actifine® can replace up to 10% of virgin neoprene in rubber compounds without compromising the strength and durability of the final product. In fact, Actifine® enhances the mechanical properties of neoprene rubber at 5%:

- 27% increase in tear resistance

- 11% increase in elongation at break

- Same tensile strength

- Almost fully retained mechanical properties after 240 h ageing under 70 ℃

- Ageing compliant with industry limits after 24 h oil treatment at 100 ℃

By using Actifine® functionalised rubber powder, you can not only save money on raw materials costs but also contribute to a more sustainable and circular rubber industry. Actifine® is made exclusively from pre-selected end-of-life tyres, which are otherwise a major source of environmental pollution and waste. By recycling these tyres into a high-quality filler, Actifine® can reduce the carbon footprint of rubber products.

If you want to learn more about Actifine® and how it can benefit your business and neoprene-based products, please visit our website, or contact us today:

We will be happy to provide you with samples, technical data sheets, and customer testimonials upon request. Actifine® is the future of rubber recycling and innovation. Don't miss this opportunity to join the revolution!


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