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Actifine® Protects Environment and Performance at the Same Time

The pursuit of sustainable solutions in the rubber industry often clashes with the demand for unwavering performance. However, Actifine®, the functionalised micronised rubber powder (FMRP) crafted meticulously from end-of-life tyres, shatters this paradigm.

Actifine® offers a compelling blend of sustainability and exceptional durability by remarkably preserving mechanical properties inherent in rubber compounds based on virgin materials, setting a new benchmark for recycled materials.

Unlike traditional MRP fillers, Actifine® demonstrates almost no reductions in mechanical performance. Its minimal impact on crucial mechanical facets—tensile strength, elongation at break, and Modulus 100 (M100)—is unprecedented. As you can see in this chart, if you fill your compounds with common MRPs, you will have more deviations and inconsistencies in the mechanical characteristics of your rubber goods.

Actifine® is not a typical recycled material. It is designed to preserve the mechanical properties of rubber compounds, even at high loading levels. How is this possible? Actifine® is produced by a patented process that modifies the surface chemistry of the rubber particles, enhancing their compatibility with the polymer matrix and improving their dispersion. This results in a more homogeneous and stable rubber compound that can withstand stress and strain better than conventional MRP fillers.

The implications of Actifine®'s groundbreaking properties are far-reaching. Manufacturers can now confidently incorporate recycled materials into their production processes without sacrificing the performance standards they demand. This paradigm shift paves the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious rubber industry.

Actifine® is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as tyres, power transmission belts, hoses, membranes, and seals. We believe that Actifine® is the smartest choice, especially for the circular economy of premium rubber products so that you can reduce your environmental impact while maintaining quality.

If you want to learn more and harness the potential of Actifine® please feel free to contact us:


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