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Who We Are

'Sometimes it’s the question that is wrong, rather than the answer.'

Atlantis Rubber Powders B.V. (ARP) was founded upon finding an answer to a different question: “could there be a way of preserving or even improving upon the outstanding intrinsic properties of ELT rubber, without having to spend energy destroying it and converting it into something else?”

After nearly four years of research, backed by our Team’s leading expertise and experience in the field of tyre upcycling processes (e.g. pyrolysis, devulcanization), we discovered that the answer to this question was a very clear “yes”. And like most successful inventions the solution was exceedingly simple and (in hindsight) staring us in the face. Actifine® provides excellent rubber reinforcement. It is cost-effective, easy, safe to use and probably the best way to reduce your carbon footprint.

ARP, today, is growing and evolving towards pioneering the effective utilization of rubber waste. It’s not just about the material waste the World produces—we are also concerned about wasted resources, time, money, and energy. Even though our company's primary focus is preventing tyres from being incinerated and building a more circular economy through recycling, it continues to advance toward driving a more efficient and effective industry and society.

Do you want to be part of the change?

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Our Team


The people behind the drive for tyre circularity.

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