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We are ARP

Make tyres green.
Driving sustainability.

Why Bother?

ca. 2 billion tyres reach the end of their lifespan every year, producing hundreds of millions of tons of rubber waste in the last century. Still, today around 70% of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) are incinerated, dumped or landfilled.

Why? Unlike most bulk plastics, rubber cannot be melted and reformed into new applications. Tyres are highly engineered to be indestructible, resisting whatever abuse you hit them with; extremes of weather conditions, speed, impact, etc. to get us from A to B safely. As such ELTs have historically presented huge challenges for the recycling sector.

Now, ELTs when converted to Actifine® by ARP can be used in place of virgin materials in the production of new tyres and other high-end rubber applications – massively reducing natural resource depletion, deforestation, and greenhouse gas emissions.

ARP is driving sustainability and the circular economy. This is why we bother!

Our Philosophy

At the highest level, we believe that humankind on Planet Earth can reverse its current trend towards environmental destruction, its own potential demise, and the extinction of many other life forms. We simply have no choice but to do this, stated very black and white.

We fully subscribe to contributing as best we possibly can towards limiting global temperature rise to (well) below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels for 2030. 

It would be a privilege for us if we could then make a small contribution towards reaching the 2050 target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and limiting global warming to below 2 °C, or potentially even 1.5 °C. This is seen as necessary by leading scientists to avoid the worst catastrophic impacts of climate change; however optimistic this warming target may appear to be right now.

We believe that transforming Tyre circularity enabled by effective upcycling is a remarkably simple, highly profitable and fast route to dramatic emission reductions in greenhouse gases, PM2.5 particles, volatile chemicals, ozone-depleting substances, and aquatic toxins.

Profound sustainability goals have already been announced by all major global tyre manufacturers. Now, Actifine® provides the industry with the means to reach their goals.

We bring a new and revolutionary solution to the table!

Our Target

To save ca. 2 million tons of CO₂ per year by 2030 by embracing circular economy principles, representing around 1% of the total yearly anthropogenic CO₂ emissions of The Netherlands.
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