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Where It Works

Actifine® can be used in a variety of rubber compounds

Unlock the full potential of rubber applications with Actifine®, a transformative material meticulously engineered to elevate performance across a spectrum of industries. Dive into the scientific brilliance behind Actifine® as we explore its applications in the dynamic worlds of tyres, belting, and beyond.


Actifine® stands as a game-changer in tyre manufacturing. Its precisely controlled particle size distribution ensures a uniform dispersion in rubber compounds, enhancing the mechanical strength and abrasion resistance of the tyre tread. The result is a tyre with improved traction, durability, and fuel efficiency. Actifine® enables the production of high-performance tyres that not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of today's automotive landscape.



In the realm of belting applications, Actifine® reinforces the very fabric of the industry. Its superior mechanical properties contribute to increased tensile strength and wear resistance in conveyor belts and power transmission belts. The uniformity of Actifine® particles ensures a consistent blend, imparting longevity and reliability to belting systems. This translates to reduced downtime, increased operational efficiency, and a significant extension of the service life of belts.


Seals and Gaskets

Actifine® excels in seals and gaskets, where a combination of mechanical strength and chemical resistance is paramount. The material's unique molecular structure provides an effective barrier against harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures, making it an ideal choice for applications where reliable sealing is critical.

Moulded Products

In the production of moulded rubber products, Actifine® exhibits its versatility. From automotive components to industrial parts, the material's ability to enhance mechanical properties and provide excellent dispersion ensures that moulded products meet and exceed quality standards. Actifine® empowers manufacturers to create products with superior resilience, longevity, and performance.



Actifine® can enhance the performance and sustainability of rubber cables. Actifine® can improve the mechanical properties of rubber cables, as well as reduce the amount of raw materials and energy required for their production. Actifine® can be used in various types of rubber cables, such as power cables, communication cables, and automotive cables.

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