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How It Performs

Never Lose Performance with Actifine®

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in rubber technology - Actifine®. This cutting-edge reinforcement makes sure that your rubber products always perform better or the same, unlike other rubber powder fillers which weaken final properties. 

Mechanical Marvel

Actifine® boasts an extraordinary mechanical prowess that redefines the capabilities of rubber compounds. With a precisely engineered particle size distribution, this rubber powder seamlessly integrates into formulations, enhancing strength, tear resistance, fatigue life, and overall durability. The uniformity of Actifine® particles ensures a homogenous dispersion, contributing to outstanding mechanical integrity in diverse applications.

Physical Resilience

In the realm of physical properties, Actifine® stands tall, offering unmatched resilience and flexibility. The material's unique molecular structure imparts exceptional elasticity, ensuring it maintains its original form under various stress conditions. Actifine® provides a dynamic solution for industries where physical durability is paramount, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications in tyres, seals, and various moulded products.

Chemical Wizardry

Actifine® is not just a mechanical powerhouse; it is also a triumph of chemical ingenuity. This rubber powder effortlessly integrates into formulations thanks to its superb chemical compatibility with a wide range of rubbers and elastomers. By producing compounds with flawless polymer chemistry, Actifine® ensures longevity and reliability of final products.

Actifine® stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence, combining superior mechanical, physical, and chemical performance properties to redefine the standards of the industry.

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