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Use Actifine® in Your Rubber Compounds for Less Heat Build-Up – a Silent Threat to Performance and Safety

Did you know that heat build-up is one of the biggest enemies of your tyres? It is a less-known material vulnerability that can significantly impact their performance, safety, and lifespan. Actifine® is the right choice for decreased heat generation.

What is Heat Build-Up?

It is the phenomenon where the temperature inside the rubber increases due to energy dissipation during its operation. This happens through:

- Cyclic loading

- Friction

- Chemical reactions

- Environmental factors

Choosing the wrong filler for a rubber material can significantly contribute to heat build-up and thermal dissipation properties. Here are some specific ways this can happen:

- Increased interfacial friction with high surface area and poor surface characteristics.

- Poor filler dispersion leading to voids, imperfections, and localised hot spots.

- Weak filler-matrix interactions that can cause internal friction and hinder heat dissipation.

- Increased viscosity in host compound by inadequate fillers.

Heat build-up is important because it can cause degradation, fatigue, shortened service life, and issues in performance and safety, e.g., in the case of tyres, reduced fuel efficiency and grip.

It is therefore crucial for manufacturers to carefully select ingredients for their rubber compounds to ensure less internal heat generation and optimal heat dissipation.

Actifine®: A Solution for Heat Build-Up in Rubber Materials

Actifine®, a high-performance Functionalised Micronised Rubber Powder (FMRP), is specifically designed to address heat build-up in rubber materials, especially in demanding applications like tyres.

Actifine® helps reduce heat build-up by reducing internal friction in the polymer matrix via its functionalised surfaces. This decreases heat generation during stress and deformation. It also allows more uniform dispersion, preventing localized hot spots and imperfections.

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