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How It Works

Tyre Rubber Reborn

Although every tyre reaches its end of life someday, the rubber does not. Our technology enables the rebirth of rubber as strong and efficient as virgin natural rubber.  

End of life tyres are ground to micron sized particles.

Our proprietary process activates the surface of each rubber particle. 

The functionalised particles can be mixed into new rubber compounds paving the way for endless circularity.

Car tire rubber and rubber granules.jpg

Ultra-Efficient Processing Driven by Ultra-Cold Temperatures

We cryogenically freeze tyre rubber down to each macromolecular chain and chemical bond.  

The frozen molecular structure of tyre rubber enters a state of embrittlement. A powerful grinding mill then comminutes it into small particles with unique properties.

Cryogenic recycling produces finely dispersed high-quality particles at very high yields.

Recover Restore Rubber

We engineer the surface of rubber particles via an elaborate chemical functionalisation process, making Actifine® the most reinforcing rubber powder on the market. 

The functionalisation process is built upon decades of experience in the rubber industry and requires only a little resource, it is non-hazardous and has a negligible environmental impact. 

Production equipment of chemical and pharmaceutical industries.jpg
old and new winter car tires_edited_edited.png

From Tyre to Tyre

Our functionalised rubber micro-particles are particularly designed for tyre compounds. They are easily dispersed in a new rubber matrix where they reconstruct powerful chemical bonds with surrounding macromolecules. 

After vulcanisation, it is impossible to tell the difference between filled and unfilled compounds. 

This recycling breakthrough unlocks the entire value of tyre rubber waste and renders an infinite circularity. 

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